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Lady - Here is what Lady's foster family has to say:

Lady is a beautiful girl that learns very quickly.  In the four days she has been here she has become a member of the pack.  Lady has not had a single accident in the house and goes to the front door when she needs to go out.  She is very good at imitating the other dogs.  Even though she knows absolutely no tricks, she participates in our nightly class as a spectator.  I'm confident she could learn a wide variety of tricks very quickly with the proper training.  Her first day here she didn't know what a Milk Bone or a Kong was, by the second day she was an expert.  She plays nicely with other greyhounds, but it is unknown how she will do with other breeds and cats.  She does have the bad habit of counter surfing and your trash needs to be contained. She is getting better on the leash on our daily walks but she is a hunter and if she sees a bunny, you'd better be holding her leash tightly.

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