Worming Protocols

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Greyhounds of the Verde Valley

As you are probably already aware, we have received a number of Greyhounds out of Florida over the past few months.  Because we always anticipate that they will arrive with parasites, our protocol has been to treat immediately upon arrival with our compounded tri-wormer which is similar to Drontal.  Unfortunately, Drontal alone is no longer effective against hookworms. They have become frighteningly resistant to all wormers available today. 

I have spent the last few weeks learning everything I never wanted to know about hookworms. I have spoken to a number of east coast and midwest vets and various adoption groups to determine best practices regarding the treatment of hookworms in greyhounds. The link below is the basis of what most everyone is using in the industry. Because testing is far from reliable, and quite costly, the following is going to be our baseline worming protocol:

  • We will be using 3 different wormers, Advantage Multi, PPM Tri-wormer (Praziquantel 45.4 mg, Pyrantel 45.4 mg, Mebendazole 50mg) and Fenbendazole (panacur). 
  • Upon arrival, each dog will be given a dose of Advantage Multi. 
  • This will be followed by a 2nd & 3rd dose of Advantage Multi given every 14 days. 
  • The 4th dose of Advantage Multi will be given 30 days later. 
  • 30 days later, we will give a round of Tri-wormer. 

These 5 doses will be included with the adoption fee. Additional donations to help defray the costs would be GREYTLY appreciated.

Following the dose of tri-wormer, it is our recommendation that you follow up with your veterinarian to have a stool sample study and discuss their recommendations for further treatment. We ask that you give your vet a copy of our worming protocols. Because we don't see many cases of resistant hookworms in AZ, it is our recommendation that the dog remain on a strict worming schedule until they have a minimum of 3 CONSECUTIVE negative stool samples.  

Our suggestion for continuing treatment is as follows:

  • 30 days following the dose of Tri-wormer, resume 30 day intervals of Advantage Multi for up to 6 months.
  • Introducing a dose of Panacur (fenbendazole) along with the Advantage Multi 3 months out is strongly suggested. Then continue with the final 3 doses of Advantage Multi. 

No one wants to keep any dog on wormer for a year or possibly longer. However, these parasites have morphed a number of times. It has been determined that they are virtually impossible to completely eradicate. The larvae has been found to enter the tissue where they can remain dormant indefinitely. Although it's not confirmed, added stress seems to be a factor in reinfestation.  

Thank you,

Lois Karsten-Liddy